Is Herbal Tea Hydrating?

Is Herbal Tea Hydrating?

Common belief holds that beverages with caffeine dehydrate the body, but in moderation both tea and coffee actually provide much-needed hydration benefits for both people. Tea, especially low-caffeine varieties such as green and white teas can make an enjoyable part of daily fluid intake.

Tea can also provide a refreshing alternative to plain water, keeping you from becoming bored of sipping it all the time. Not to mention its added health benefits like stress reduction and energy boost!

But is herbal tea really hydrating? Absolutely. Tea is composed of many different herbs, each one possessing different properties that may contribute to fluid loss through urine or aid with hydration. Some herbs such as dandelion and hawthorne might increase urine output while others such as chamomile or lavender tea might provide greater hydration benefits; in comparison some like senna can lead to bloating, cramping and diarrhea which further increase fluid loss.

Our Slowly Unwind or Calm Chamomile Bloom herbal tea blends are excellent hydrators. Both contain chamomile, rose petals, and lavender for relaxation and restoration of mind and stomach alike. Enjoy hot or iced depending on your preference; herbal teas without added ingredients such as milk and sugar tend to provide better hydration than their counterparts containing additional ingredients like spices.

No matter if it’s black, green, white or decaffeinated tea you choose, all varieties are considered hydrating beverages. But it is important to remember that one cup does not count towards your daily fluid requirements; therefore it is recommended that tea consumption should be balanced out by other forms of liquid intake such as water.

As a general rule, the more active you are, the more liquids you need to consume in order to stay hydrated. For instance, during physical activities like running or jogging, your thirst increases due to sweating and urination caused by exercise. Prepare for any emergency by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, including herbal tea. At Plum Deluxe we offer an impressive collection of tea blends; find one you love now. At Tea Forte, we offer an impressive range of tasty herbal teas – both with and without caffeine – so you can find one to meet your individual needs. When adding lemon slices or mint leaves for extra zesty refreshment.

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