This year is pretty cool because not only is Olivia from Atiliay hosting alongside @randomolive and @sarahdshotts  but they've shook things up a bit and in addition to the helpful cheat sheet below, there are different themes each week and @handletteredabcs will be on the team in week one too!

So yeah, I can't wait to get started and I'd love for you to get involved too.

One of the best things about last years challenge was waking up every morning and looking at all the other participants 'drops', some of the locations were quite inventive.

You may not think it but it can take a bit of nerve leaving a note in a public place. I had quite a few tries where I was hanging around for a while waiting for the perfect moment, I think I described it as a mix between James Bond & a Fairy Godmother, anyway, it was extremely rewarding.

I'll be sharing my #randomloveletter 2016 edition over on the blog so click here to keep up to date (if you scroll right to the bottom you can subcribe so you never miss a day).

worry pot diy

Guys & gals I'm SO happy to announce that the second annual Random Love Letter challenge is just a matter of days away.

Well, what is this #randomloveletter thing I hear you ask. For me personally, it was about making someone's day, or at the very least making them smile. It was the most creative, exciting, fun filled month of 2015 for me, I even made some great friends all around the world, how cool is that? 

You can read all about last years high jinx here.

random love letter cheat sheet
things to make with cat hair
random love letter challenge 2015