​I'm pretty sure like a few of my fellow participants have said, I will still do a few more of these from time to time. ​

I hope you've enjoyed my #randomloveletter adventure and that maybe it will inspire you to do the same too. 

Day 30

Wow, here we are on the last day of what had been the most interesting, rewarding and yes, scary endeavor I have ever encountered!

I've met some fantastic new friends, made a fair few people happy, I've been involved in something SO cool and I am pleased to say I completed the 30 days with excitement.

I just left my very last note now and I have to say I feel a little lost, lol. Every day for the last month I have looked forward to dropping my little words of encouragement. 

Day 29

A little kindness goes a long way, ain't that the truth!

I dropped this on a lamp post on my way to work this evening. As I was trying to take my photograph, I saw someone I know walking up the road, hence the slightly blurry picture!

Be kind to someone today (and every day for that matter)


Day 28

This is a quote from Muhammad Ali and I love it. 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'.

Everything we do today has an impact on our future self. So be nice to yourself, plant those seeds and reap the benefits later.

The much favoured lamp post was today's location, near my ex's house when we picked up the dog.


Day 23

Well, with all the messing around last week with Father's Day and my Dads bday etc. I just didn't get the chance to design any new prints for my drops this week.

So today I thought I would just use a good old fashioned pen and write a note on one of my orders.

'Do the best with what you have to hand' is the message of the day! I hope the recipient likes it.


Day 17

Good morning!!

Today is the start of my 'let's get up at 4:30am' week. I find the earlier I get up the more energised I feel and my day is more productive. Anyway, it was around 20 past 5 when I surfaced but hey, I'm almost there ☺

I was excited to leave this note, (yes, a lamp post again) as I think it's pretty sweet, if I do say so myself!! 


Day 16

Just visiting my Dad & Mum this morning, I left this little note on the grassed area at the end of their road. Another hair themed drop today, I'm not quite sure how I ended up with so many hair compliments! 


Day 12

So today's note was quite a hard one, I found the perfect spot whilst on the way to the Post Office but when I was on my way back there seemed to be an excessive amount of people, delivery vans, general traffic and eyeballs. So I bottled it,  I ended up with another lamp post which I'm beginning to be quite fond of now.

'You can do the thing' 


Day 11

I don't do well with my hair and to be honest it just gets on my nerves so I always just tie it back. But there are times when people say ooh isn't it shiny and that my dear, makes me a very happy tomboy!!

So today's drop will hopefully make someone happy, I left it just up the road on a lamp post.


Day 8

Wowzers. I think I may have turned a corner in the nerves stake here. 

I thought this note 'I hope you have a fantastic day at work today' would be fitting for a Monday morning 9-5'er. I left it at yet another bus stop nearby after I'd made my Post Office run and guess what?! There were actual real life people that saw me do it, no-one waiting for a bus though but still, it felt really good.


Day 6

Today's note is my favourite so far. I don't have a car so I have to rely on lifts at the moment which means most of my drops are within walking distance.

Today I have my chauffeur (boyfriend) so when we went to get flowers and a card for his Mum's Birthday I left this little badboy on the nailvarnish stand. Now this was a hard  drop. The stand was being filled so I had to wait for just the right timing between staff and customers walking past. I can't believe I was so flustered I didn't even notice that great offer price until after I'd left the store!!


Day 2

So here we are with day two!

I left this on the phonebox in my village. Funnily enough I'd never actually noticed that phonebox before until this morning when I was looking for a new drop point. Yes, I'm now using the term drop point, it makes me feel a little less naughty.

You can't quite read the whole note but it says 'Good Morning. You look bloody wonderful'.


Day 24

I'm still analogue today and using my pens so please don't laugh at my rainbow!!

After the Post Office run I decided to go the long way round back home but I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up down this little cut through. Full of flowers and greenery, anyone who walks down here will have a great day anyway but this note reads 'Hey you!!! Have a great day!' 


Day 23 bonus

I ran out of ink again today so we had to nip out to Tesco after work. 

​I left this in a trolley outside.

Day 21

Our Sunday's are pretty set out. We go to Church, we go to Tesco's and we pick the dog up and have some quality time. So I decided I'd drop today's note in the supermarket somewhere. However, as we were walking up towards the entrance I noticed the little children's rides (HOW I wish I could still fit) and I couldn't resist putting this note on the bonnet!  


Day 20

This note is SO true for me today! My head cold is slowly killing me off and even though I finally got a decent night's sleep, I just really struggled getting up this morning BUT, it's my Dad's 80th Birthday today so woop, woop to THAT.


Day 15

Today, I wanted to give a little thank you to my Posties. I couldn't do what I do without them and the rest of the guys at Royal Mail, USPS, DHL, DPD & everyone in between!

Of course they'll have to share just the one note, but I hope whoever empties the Post box gets a nice little surprise.


Day 14

Well, we're half way through now and today I had a bit of a camera malfunction and didn't get the shot!!

I left this at the entrance to a park opposite our Church after Sunday Mass this morning. I hope whoever sees or picks it up takes the time to spoil themself today.


Day 10

This morning I awoke to a small flurry of Father's Day card orders & my envelopes hadn't arrived (I ALWAYS order too late) so I had to nip out to get some postage supplies. I treated myself to a taxi and the guy was so cool, really interested in my Cat Dad cards!! We decided it would be a good idea to have some sort of meow recording inside. 

Anyway, that's beside the point (and something to think about) so here's today's drop, at my emergency envelopes place ☺


Day 7

You may know I'm a bit of a cat lady, but I also have joint custody of a dog too! 
When me and my ex broke up over a decade ago we parted amicably and I see my boy Baryl every weekend. He's an old man now so can't walk far & he has his problems but he still has a sparkle in his eye and a hefty tail wag too!! Today we took him to the park, & I thought this note suited him perfectly. Even just a short 5 minutes of new smells and new friends was a BIG adventure for him. 
My note today - May your day be filled with adventure.

(That's Baryl in the back sniffing a tree).


Day 4

Today's drop was left on a bench round the corner. I was pretty confident setting off but when I noticed there was a police surveillance van parked over the road I got a little nervous. I'm not sure why, but I think I may turn up on CrimeWatch sometime soon.

​Shame really, I'm just trying to be nice!! 


Day 1

​This is hopefully going to be my hardest 'drop'. I set my alarm and got up early. I didn't even drink a full coffee (wow) then I set off to the nearest bus stop.

I hadn't factored in the embarrassment element for this challenge and I felt a bit daft at first but then I reminded myself of the bigger picture. In the end after I'd waited for the bus to go and people to move off, I actually felt like a mix between a secret agent and a fairy Godmother.

I wonder who will find this first #randomloveletter

Day 27

The boy did well at work and we were able to treat ourselves to a VERY nice meal out. 

A weird little fact about me, I don't really like going out to restaurants. Getting dressed up, what will we talk about, how is the ambiance, what is the lighting like etc, etc. Yes, I have issues lol!

I thought this 'Just be' note was great advice for not only myself, but for whoever found it too. 

​It's not always easy to just be, but when you can, always enjoy the moment.


Day 26

It's a drizzly day today but I love these kinds of days as it makes me feel all cosy and nice. Tucked up inside my little burrow, beavering away on my projects.

Today is also bin collection day so I couldn't resist putting today's note on this recycling bin. If you have a 'Half Full' attitude then you can't go wrong. I also added a little CCL badge in too for good measure.


Day 19

Luckily I woke up fresh, rested and ready to go with no sense of my life being in danger this morning so I ventured out deep into the village.

I left today's 'Foxy Lady' drop outside a little nail bar. I think  they just do nails but I'm not sure. I walk past every day on the way to the Post Office & it looks pretty cool, so yeah, hopefully one of the staff or a customer will pick it up and feel great!!


As I set off to cross the road the barriers went down for an oncoming train and out of nowhere a queue of about 600 cars appeared. Of course I had to think quick so I pretended to be looking at a VERY important message on my phone while the train came and went. I made all the expressions and had the correct body language to suggest this and I think I may  have got away with it. Eventually the cars cleared and I practically flew across the road, camera and note in hand, slapped that bad boy up and just as I was getting my shot, a bus drove past, luckily it was going the other way and not stopping but then my 'criminal paranoia' crept in. 'Well, that's it Lisa, you're on camera now, a whole bus has seen you vandalising council property!!'

​I'm back home now but I'll be expecting a knock at the door so just in case this was the last #randomloveletter thank you, it's been emotional.

Day 18

Today's drop was a bit of a mission. I got up really early as planned but something was urging me not to go out. I had wanted to put this one around the train station for a commuter to pick up but I don't know what it was, I felt like something bad would 'get' me this morning, maybe zombies, but I doubt it.

So yeah, best not to ignore that I thought and I went out a bit later. There must have been about 50 thousand people just milling around, and every single one was stood right were I wanted to go!! I very nearly gave in and was heading home towards the good old trusty lamp posts when I noticed an empty bus stop.

Day 13

I woke up late this morning (hey, it's my day off) and I'm feeling rather compressed, I think there's a thunderstorm on the way as I sort of recognise the feeling.

Anyway, I didn't feel like venturing too far but I DID want to make someone's weekend. So another lamp post wishing someone an amazing weekend. 


Day 11 bonus

Another cheeky one on my way home, left on the drinks machine to be found tomorrow for some Friday inspiration.

Day 10 bonus

I left a handwritten note on the water cooler at work on my way out!!

Day 9

Today I wasn't quite sure what I was going to leave out & about but when I was putting my contact lenses in this morning I was struck with the intense pain of having a cat hair stuck between the lens and my eyeball!! Now, I know I'm not the only one this happens to, my optometrist noticed an indent at my last checkup, told me I'd had a hair stuck and says he sees it quite a lot.

So yeah, whilst not your typical 'love letter' today's drop is for the CCL walking past. I just know it will make their day.


Day 5

It's been great looking at all the other participant's photo's and I've been quite inspired by the notes that have been left for loved ones.

So for today's drop I left this 'you are cool' note in my Boyfriend's work bag. Hopefully he'll find it at some point this morning and it will make his day that much better.


Day 3

Day three's note I actually left late last night in the canteen at work. It should hopefully not be found until some time today when everyone's belly starts rumbling!

It's always good to treat yourself isn't it?


I'm participating in the #randomloveletter June 2015 challenge (find details here) and these are my love letters!

Day 25

Yes, today we really do kick ass! Woke up with a small problem which was quickly nipped in the bud by the fantastic online creative community! Good times.

I left this on my favourite medium, the lamp post, what a beautiful piece of architecture ☺


Day 22

As usual I found the perfect spot. I nipped into the shop, and when I came out there was someone walking towards that spot. So I scarpered and actually left today's drop on the bench outside a cafe. I'm pretty confident the three people milling around saw me do but hey, ho. I come in peace!!

I hope whoever finds this one knows what it means, the term 'stuff and things' really stuck with me, I love it. I think I may do a print of this today.