Now we need to merge the image and the text.

In the layers panel, put your cursor on the border between the text and image and hit 'ALT' on the keyboard. This will overlay the image and things start to get a bit more exciting!

I tinkered around with the flowers and reduced the size a bit to ensure more of them were included in my word. So have a play about to see what fits best for your layout, and once you're done, just hit flatten and you're good to go.

Next up, make sure you have the move tool selected (top left on the tools menu) and the florals in the main display window and drag the image down into the project bin onto the sheet with your word or quote.

I love those fancy floral quotes and lettering that are floating around these days don't you? Today I'd like to show you how to create your own. You'll need Adobe Photoshop and your favourite floral picture (a great excuse to get out in the garden or take a nice walk in the park with your camera). You don't need to spend hours getting to know how to use Photoshop, just a basic knowledge is required for this.

Here's my finished design, just click on the image for the printable, from me to you ☺

That wasn't too bad was it? 

​I'm using Adobe Phostoshop Elements here but the same function goes across all incarnations I believe.

I do hope you've enjoyed this little PS lesson and if there's anything else you'd like me to have a crack at then do let me know in the comments at the bottom.

As you can see below I've added some further ideas I used for my finished design so click and take a look.

For some reason I always prefer a vertical design but again, that's entirely up to you. So once you've picked your layout then it's time to face that age old decision, which font! If you're a bit of a font hoarder like me, then this can sometimes be a choice which actually sees the end of the design before it's even started!

​So I'll make things easier for you, I used Bodini which is I think, ​a standard issue PS font.

If you're struggling to find or shoot a floral image yourself then here's my original.

So first off, open your flowers, edit it if needed to change the brightness etc. and once you're happy, open a new blank file in the size of your choice. I've just used a standard A4 base as it's always easy to frame.

Floral letters Photoshop tutorial