My two cats adore getting their hair brushed! I simply have to say 'who wants to go to the hairdressers' and they will come a'runnin. As they're house-cats, I can certainly notice when those spring months are coming and they start to lose their winter coats, it just gets everywhere. So I try and brush them whenever I get the chance.

Now, being of the 'oh, I could make something with that' type, the mass amounts of soft kitty fur I was throwing away seemed like such a waste. So I kept it. In a plastic bag. In a cupboard. 

Then one day I was at my Mum & Dads giving my family cat a haircut (he used to get quite matted in the summer) and I did as I always had, rolled the excess fur into a ball in my hand so it was easier to stack up. Then it dawned on me, these cute little cat fur balls (I appreciate how odd that reads) are the thing I can do with all that left over fur.


From then on, each time the salon opened, I rolled up as much fur as I could and I found a fancy jar to keep it all in.

Well there we go. The perfect answer to what to do with all that excess cat hair. This jar actually freaks out my fiance, he thinks it's weird. I love it though, I think it looks super cool, plus it's also a nice keepsake.

My old family cat passed away two years ago now but in an out of the ordinary way, I can still stroke him whenever I like, I see him every day and he'll always hold a place in my heart. Even the dog I treasured and shared with my ex boyfriend lives on in that jar! Whilst dog hair is harder to ball up, it can be done with a little patience.



What to do with cat hair after a brush