Well that's me, Lisa B, soon to be Lisa E actually!

At the time of writing, I have just turned 37, just got engaged and am just about to be baptised into the Catholic Church. I'm also just about to do a few other things but I won't mention that on here as I may get myself into trouble!

I am the 'Boss Lady' at Prints Of Heart which also translates to designer, product lister, picker, packer, shipper, purse string boss, email answerer, photo taker, social media manager, mug printer, card folder and general tinkerer. But you've guessed it, I wouldn't have it any other way.

My little home based graphic design company is located in the sunny seaside town of Southport UK and I work out of a small home office which I'm happy to say has now spilled out into the living room too! ​

I love cats and zombies so you'll see this come out in my work quite a bit, mostly the cats though as it's a rare soul who is as taken with zombies as I am! I've been toying with a cat themed 'big project' for some time now so keep your eyes peeled I guess.