happy birthday from the cats
graduation cards
cat themed greetings cards

Just launched are these fancy little illustrated cat greetings cards.

​I'm so, so happy with how they are turning out. Click on the image to get to the designs and see the full range in my Etsy shop.

Make yourself a nice brew and relax in your favourite chair (or slob out in bed, no judgement) and have a read of some of this weeks most popular blog posts.

doing internet stuff, what happens when the baby comes
cat notebook

My 'fancy new home' card has been popular which makes me super happy as they only launched last week!

​Cat themed Father's Day gifts and a lot of 'don't be a prick' reminders have gone out too.

cactus mug
getting shit done

Coffee mugs, wall art, cards and personalised gifts.

thank you card for midwife
new baby card with cats
salt dough cats
New home card cat in box
funny pregnancy cards